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If I Have a Car Accident Case, When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

You are entirely free to work with a car accident lawyer. When it comes to hiring an attorney, it is generally best to get one the same day as the accident or within a couple of days afterward. Several factors contribute to this. Legal Deadlines. A car accident lawyer can help you meet all the deadlines that you have to meet. Your case must be filed with the trial court by the deadline established by your statute of limitations. You should also be aware of other deadlines that are less well-known. It may be necessary to notify the insurer immediately or as soon as possible about a collision, depending on the type of insurance at issue. Typically, such deadlines apply to policies covering underinsured motorists. When there is an element of government involvement, you will be subject to "anti-litigious" deadlines ranging from six to twelve months. A missed deadline can cause a lot of problems. A missed deadline can sometimes mean that your case cannot be won.

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Preserving Evidence

There might not be much evidence around for a very long time.  Surveillance footage is one example. In some instances, video surveillance was available from nearby businesses to help prove what happened. It is obvious that videos like that are important, but they may not survive for long. In most cases, surveillance camera footage of businesses is deleted or overwritten in a few days, making it impossible for video evidence to be obtained by your car accident lawyer. You should act quickly.

In addition to vehicle evidence, roadway evidence can be obtained. There may also be skid marks on the road, debris from the accident, or ruts in the road from wheel wear. Even if the cause of the collision is disputed, it is important to preserve roadway evidence by visiting the collision site. The roadway evidence can then be used by an accident reconstruction expert to determine what caused the accident. However, rain, wind, and other traffic can wipe out evidence if an injury lawyer near me does not act quickly.

Often, evidence in the form of cars is present. It is important to observe the damage to the cars after an accident in order to determine how severe the collision was. However, moving fast is the best course of action. To determine the extent of the damage, your personal injury lawyer will take pictures of the vehicles, or have a reconstruction expert perform 3D scans of the vehicles before repairs are made or they are destroyed.

  • Medical Treatment.
  • Witnesses

You may not face this problem with a good relationship with your doctor and a comprehensive health insurance plan. Car accident victims may lack health insurance and are uncertain where to seek medical attention. Visiting the local urgent care center or emergency room may not be enough.  A car accident lawyer can point you in the right direction if you have an injury and need medical treatment but do not have health insurance.

It is possible for memories to fade and for witnesses to lose interest. Witnesses may come forward with their account of an accident soon after it occurs. Alternatively, the witness might be annoyed by the at-fault driver for not paying attention, or have vivid memories of the injured person. The witnesses can lose interest in what happened over time if they forget what happened.

It may be anxiety-inducing for them to talk to a lawyer or to get called in front of a judge to testify. If a car accident lawyer or investigator needs witness testimony, it's a good idea to contact the witness as soon as possible, before their memory fades. Attorneys can often ask witnesses to either verbally or in writing to preserve their memory.

A car accident lawyer should usually be hired as soon as possible if you have decided to hire one. You should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible after the incident, ideally the same day. It's still possible to hire an attorney later, but it's better to hire one sooner.

Personal injury cases usually require retaining the services of an experienced car accident lawyer. The answer to the question “when do I need an accident lawyer?” maybe “never! ” If you were only injured by the damage to your car, it might be possible for you to file the claim on your own.


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