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Why Does the Moon Sometimes Appear Big and at Othertimes Small?

The moon sometimes appear big because IT IS BIG! It is a scientific fact that the moon is sometimes bigger and at other times smaller. Why, might you ask? Well, you might ask, but I may not tell. Oh, yes, I will tell.




The moon is actually made of a substance similar to Flubber, which expands and contracts in accordance to the sunlight that either hits it or does not hit it, leaving it in the cold shadows. This moon substance's technical name is gouder rockulus and has premiere powers of expansion and contraction not known here on earth.

For instance, when you are carrying moonbeams home in a jar, you're actually carrying tiny particles of gouder rockulus that have penetrated the glass silicate atoms of the container.

So, let's recap: Sun hits gouder rockulus and moon expands and appears bigger in sky. Moon creeps behind earth and hides in shadow and gouder rockulus contracts and appears smaller in sky.

This is why the moon landing was such a technological feat in the 1960's. The calculations for targeting the moon had to be when it was at its greatest expanse. Otherwise, the astronauts would have ended up in the cheddarus rockulus of Mars.


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