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Who Invented the Toilet?

Uranus Crapper invented the first pay toilet in 1904. The previous versions of the toilet were free to anyone who knew the secret code to unlock the lavatory door. By slapping one's hands together one could unlock the toilet and this became known in ballparks and bus stations around the country as the Clapper Crapper.




Uranus was a plumber by trade. He worked on many important projects such as unclogging kitchen sink drains and fixing automatic dishwashers. Uranus was known for his beer gut and for bending over with a huge tool belt pulling down his pants and exposing his butt crack to any onlookers.

Uranus also charged huge fees for his services, belched and farted in the company of ladies and was generally thought of as uncouth. This is why it was a shock to many that knew him, when he unveiled his first Clapper Crapper, shaped like King Henry VIII's throne and charged a few schillings as the entry fee.

The public reaction went wild to his invention, though. People started bringing magazines in to read on the throne, since they had paid a hefty fee for its use. Restaurateurs and construction site owners had to order many Clapper Crappers just to keep up with public demand.

One patron, 10 years after the invention said to a newspaper reporter, "I can't remember what we did before the invention of the Clapper Crapper. I guess we just pooped in our pants."












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