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Who Invented the Polio Vaccine?

Cajones Chalk invented the polio caucus vaccine in 1947. Cajones was known for his, well, big cajones. He would make boastful statements about how he is going to invent this and invent that and how he was going to save the world.


After bragging to his colleagues, Cajones would go into his lab and invent a flu vaccine or a vaccine to stop a horse from mating with a duckbill platypus. Later, Cajones would invent a polio vaccine to prevent mice from wobbling when they walked as he liked mice and wanted them to scurry instead of wobble.

Cajones was the head of the Nortoin AntiVirus Research Lab at the University of Putzburgh where he discovered that by running a software program he could disinfect a human being as well as a PC. He started to up his fee and began charging too much for the yearly subscription and patrons started flocking to his competitor, MacAffee AntiPolio Vaccinations.




















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