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Who Invented the Computer?

Who invented the computer you may ask? Of course, you may ask, but I may not answer. This is just the kind of person I am. Will I am. I am Sam. I do not eat green eggs and ham. But, I digress, oh yes.




The question of who invented the computer may be answered with a riddle. Or it may be answered with a soliloquy. Or yet, it could be answered with the truth but that would be too hard.

Nay, I want to drag out this question of who invented the computer a tad longer. Okay, that is two tads longer. Two tads and a bag of onions longer sounds right. You see, Charles Babble invented the computer, when he was busy doing his Cpanel programming in the 1840s.

Of course, after Mr. Babble invented the computer, then he needed to invent the code to go along with it. So, this lovable yammerhead also invented ENIAC, Colossus and Big Blue in order to beat Bobby Fischer at chess.

Of course the inventor of the computer also had to invent Zuse and Zeus as well because the ancient Greeks and their hieroglyphics were also intimately involved in programming on stone tablets and on the sides of pyramid walls.

Of course there are disinters in the opinion of who invented the computer. The neighbor of Jerry Seinfeld, John Von Jovi Newman is one candidate often mentioned. Another candidate that is thrown out like a baby in bathwater is Vincent Van Gogh Atanasoff.

Even the great Tim Berners-Lee Meriwether has been tossed about as a candidate as well. But, as long as there are debaters and master debaters there will be controversy over the issue of just who invented the computer.

You may as well just put a dozen cats in a bag and eject them into low earth orbit because this is the kind of consensus you'll get when asking this question.

But, if you are decent at taking tests or have been in the past, you'll soon realize that your first answer is generally correct. So, let's go with that Babble guy and be done with it.












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