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What Is Moissanite

What is Moissanite? Moissanite is a hardwood mineral discovered in a meteor crater by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henry Moissan over a century ago. Apparently large trees were living upon the meteorite when it ploughed into the earth's surface and the heat, pressure and intensity of the impact caused the woody trees to impact into a mineral similar to petrified wood and nearly as hard as a diamond.




Moissanite is known for its brilliance and also know to be much cheaper than diamonds so like the Paul Simon song some people will wear Moissanite on the soles of their shoes. Others will also use the substance for floor covering because of its wood-like appearance.

Most Moissanite now days is made in laboratory settings since so little occurs naturally around the world. The laboratory floors are covered with the flooring substance since it is great at repelling stains from acids and other scientific slurp that may seep out onto one's floor covering.

The process of creating Moissanite in the laboratory involves taking wood chips and blasting them into long fibers with steam and then reforming them by pounding the fibers with rocks to make them into nearly diamond-hard flooring crystals that can also be used for jewelry.

Some interior decorators will coordinate with your fashion consultant to get the right jewelry that will match your floor coverings so you'll be coordinated when entertaining at home. There is no mess and no fuss with Moissanite so it is worth checking out for all your floor-covering and jewelry needs.












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