Why Is ...

Why Sky Blue
Grass Green
Mars Red
Ocean Salty
Clouds White
Wind Blow
Steel Stainless
Sunsets Red
Water Wet
Moon Big
Snow White
Clocks Clockwise
Oceans Blue
Uranus Red
Metal Shiny
Birds Appear
Cat Feet / Toast

What Is ...

Meaning of Life
Speed of Light
Hydrogen Cars
Time Is It
Dog Flu
A Blog

Where ...

Do Babies Come From
Did Civilization Begin
Do Holes in Ozone Come From
Does Lightning Begin

Who ...

Discovered Earth Sun
Invented Computer
Invented Lightbulb
Invented Penicillin
Invented Polio Vaccine
Invented Toilet

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Do Birds on a Wire Balance Themselves
Do Hurricanes Form
Do Yo-Yos Work

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What Is A Blog?

What is a blog? A blog is a swampy area full of water with no underground spring to feed it. A blog is very acidic though it is also a great place for mosquitoes to breed and eat you alive when you enter the blog.




You'll need a bug zapper if you live near a blog. A blog is a rich place for plant life. A form of moss, especially Sphagnum moss, grows and forms a thick mat of floating plants. These plants, over time, can fill in the pond or small lake with peat that will eventually be firm enough to support trees.

The outer edge of a blog is supported by plant life that people can walk over. The center of the blog however is soupy water which tastes like mucous if you drink it. Blogs have very little decomposition or organic matter which creates a very acidic soil. A tree that falls in such area is often called a 'log in a blog.'

Blogs are very popular now days, too. People go online and write about them in these kinds of personalized online journals. Writing about these swampy areas is called "blogging."

So, what is a blog? Heck if I know. But if you see a web on a log in a blog, let me know.












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