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What is Amnesia?

What is amnesia? That is an interesting question and one that I've already forgotten the answer to. What is amnesia, you ask. Well, hopefully this time I won't end a sentence in a preposition and give out an adequate answer.




The answer to the question, what is amnesia lay in the fact that amnesia is indeed hard to define. Yes, many sites will offer many different interpretations to the question, what is amnesia, but this site only offers hemming and hawing and a ton of blathering.

Be that as it may, I will answer your question, "What is amnesia?" Amnesia is the state of forgetting to buy Amway products. For instance, suppose your sales representative has not shown up on your doorstep unannounced in eons and you are running low on product. Even though you may be running low on Amway, you still forget to pick up the phone and call your rep. This is the state of amnesia.

To take the question, what is amnesia one step further, if a person where to run out of Spam and forget to go to the store to buy some more, this would be the state of Spamnesia. See where I'm going with this?

So, Amnesia is the state of forgetting to buy Amway products and Spamnesia is the state of forgetting to buy Spam. And, the state of being frustrated with forgetting to buy both products at the same time is called? Yes, you've got it - damnesia!













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