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Why Is Snow White

Why is snow white

Snow is white because the seven dwarfs, unbeknownst to many, are a great and talented public relations firm responsible for discovering and developing the actress's talent and career. Snow is white because one day Dopey was grumpy and said of lot of profanity out loud that turned Miss Snow white as a ghost.


Miss White never fully recovered from the tragedy, but the dwarfs went on the market the Snow White brand vigorously and have turned this iconic figure into a nice seven figure income for many of the executives involved with marketing and production.

It was reported that Miss Snow White was once lost while skiing at Big Bear mountain in Califoria as she apparently slipped off her skiis and blended in with the powder, rendering her virutally invisible to others. This reflection and lack of color had the marketing executives very concerned for future appearnces and have opted to show off Miss Snow White primarily at night now where their is much better contrast.












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