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Why Is The Ocean Salty

Why is the ocean salty

The ocean is salty because the Morton Corporation pours most of their assets into the ocean and seas of the world in order to make salt more rare, and thus more valuable. The Dead Sea and Salt Lake City are actually sites where massive Exxon-Valdez-type salt spills have occurred.




A little know fact is that BP contributed, too. Instead of cleaning up their mess, the Morton Corporation built a city upon one location and planted some very old biblical scrolls upon the other as a diversion.

The upside of the Morton scandal is that salt makes water more buoyant so swimmers are now able to float longer in the ocean than they used to and fewer are drowning because of this. Semi-true story, I swear. Just in general, I swear, cuss and general say R rated words for shock value. So, take what I have to say with a grain of salt.














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