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Nanotechnology is based upon the triangulation of three completely different technologies: Mork, Ork and Orson. Once known as nanu nanu-technology, the term evolved into what is known today as nanotechnology.




Nanotechnology, as previously stated, is when Mork, Ork and Orson converge, collide and generally completely run into one another like Keystone Cops. When this occurs, very big things happen on a macro scale, which is good if you're talking about fish but not so good if you're talking about giant particulate ecosystems of the grandest scales.

As stated, nanotechnology is a field. Not like when you're outstanding in your field, of say, corn. But, a real life field of study of extraterrestrial ghosts and goblins.

For instance, if there are extraterrestrials, then it stands to reason that the dead ETs also have ghosts. Nanotechnology is the study of these ghosts on the macro scale, or in other words, universe-wide.

So, how does one study nanotechnology you may ask? Well, you may ask, but that doesn't mean an answer is necessary forthcoming. If one were to be forthcoming, coming forth would be some sort of an answer that in order to study nanotechnology one has to be nanotechnology. In other words, in order to learn about nanotechnology, one has got to get into the zen of nanotechnology.

Once you have achieved oneness with your chi and are at peace with your inner nanu nanu, then, my friend the world of nanotechnology is your oyster. Or, your clam.

But, in order for this to happen, you must hold a séance for the ghosts of nanus past, present and future and pray that nanotechnology will bring you to the promised land. Once you hold this séance and are smitten by an ET who hauls you aboard his UFO and conducts various probing experiments upon you, then you have achieved the ultimate zen-like nanotechnology consciousness.

And, that my friend is what nanotechnology is all about.













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