Why Is ...

Why Sky Blue
Grass Green
Mars Red
Ocean Salty
Clouds White
Wind Blow
Steel Stainless
Sunsets Red
Water Wet
Moon Big
Snow White
Clocks Clockwise
Oceans Blue
Uranus Red
Metal Shiny
Birds Appear
Cat Feet / Toast

What Is ...

Meaning of Life
Speed of Light
Hydrogen Cars
Time Is It
Dog Flu
A Blog

Where ...

Do Babies Come From
Did Civilization Begin
Do Holes in Ozone Come From
Does Lightning Begin

Who ...

Discovered Earth Sun
Invented Computer
Invented Lightbulb
Invented Penicillin
Invented Polio Vaccine
Invented Toilet

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Do Birds on a Wire Balance Themselves
Do Hurricanes Form
Do Yo-Yos Work

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What Is The Meaning Of Life

What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is to give and receive love and work at something you feel passionate about. Or not.




Of course not everyone agrees with this statement.

Here is a response from one of our readers, "I'm sorry, but your page on the meaning of life is wrong. The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything is actually 42. Please correct this immediately. That is all."

And, yet another explanation for the meaning of life:

The meaning of life is to slowly kill everyone and everything so that the planet will one day be one giant rock, devoid of atmosphere and any life form. This may be a pessimistic view to some, but a realistic and worthy goal to others.

The last and final explanation to the meaning of life:

The meaning of life is to hug your cat, kiss your mom, say something nice to your friend, help a stranger and if you just happen to poop in someone's shoe they will forgive you for it.












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