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Hydrogen Cars - What Are They?

Hydrogen cars are automobiles that are made of hydrogen. Hydrogen cars are not made of plutonium or iridium or even Marie Curium, but rather, they are made from the most abundant element in the universe: water.




Hydrogen cars are made from water inside a hydrogen factory and they are put together on a hydrogen assembly line. Now days, most hydrogen cars are built in Iceland, which has an abundance of frozen water and vast resources for renewable energy.

Like an igloo on wheels, the hydrogen car is assembled, piece by piece and then in the final stages, the car is melted, the oxygen removed and all that is left is a hydrogen car floating in the air. Since hydrogen in its natural state tends to rise in the common air, the hydrogen cars float right off the assembly lines.

Some would say they are little Hindenburgers buts lets not go there since the Hindenburg did not blow up because of hydrogen. It blew up because it was struck with a crude, early prototype shoulder launch missile and cat named Fred.

But, back to hydrogen cars for a second (if you happen to be counting). Once the hydrogen cars float off the assembly line, they are tethered out back the hydrogen car plants like weather balloons. Now, you may ask, that if the hydrogen cars are tethered, will you be able to fly one?

No, because once you step inside, your fat little heiny will weigh down the hydrogen car like a big rock in a small bucket. Hydrogen cars are not sky cars and those cars are real with little jets all around them and they can fly. Hydrogen cars cannot fly, but they can go like the wind. There are very few hydrogen cars for sale which make them rare though I prefer mine to be medium rare.

Just step on the pedal, do a little Flintstoning with your feet and away you go! Off in your new hydrogen car and off to your favorite restaurant to eat a pail full of hydrogenated oils. Just a note, not all car insurance companies cover hydrogen cars. So do some research, and make sure that after buying your new hydrogen car you get covered.













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