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How Hurricanes Form

How hurricanes form is a question asked not only by those on the Gulf Coast but people worldwide. The answer to how hurricanes form is not as obvious as one may think.




For instance, me thinks hurricanes form because of gusts of air over warm water and the circular reasoning of the ocean tides. But, not so, dear friend or fiend as you may be.

Hurricanes form in order to throw migratory birds off track, thus delaying the egg laying process and procreation thereof. Take for instance the airspeed velocity of a Monte Python unladen swallow.

How many beats per minutes must it attain to fly its given course and return to Europe or Africa or wherever it ventures from in the first place? Yes, that is correct, no on knows for sure.

But, the answer to how hurricane form can be found in the confounding of this path no matter from whence the swallow is to return. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

Another reason that hurricanes form is to give weathermen jobs, especially those in California. California weathermen get bored saying that it's another sunny day outside so they will sometimes report national news such as hurricanes and explain in great detail why those in Louisiana or Florida have it suckier than those on the West Coast.

Now, let's get to the nuts and bolts of this discussion. Hurricanes form when the warm air meets cool air and warm water and starts spinning loosely following the gravitational forces of the earth, the rotation of the equator and the shallow swallow path of the migratory variety along with El Nino and La Nina or La Ninja and that my fiend is that.

When these forces of nature (or farces of nature) come together in a perfect storm like the movie, then, my friend (yes, now you are my friend) you have a NOLA NOAA event. Flying cats, chickens everywhere, cows rotating around the center wall, oh the humanity!

So, how do hurricanes form? With the kind of attitude only Mother Nature could love.













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