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Dog Flu Outbreak

Dog flu has hit the noses of pets nationwide. What is dog flu? Dog flu is an anti-viral viral infection of the upper-lower respiratory and digestive system that gives your canine companion runny stools.




"Dog Flu, Pe-ew!" says Sue Romescu from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. "As if we didn't have enough trouble with Katrina, now this dog flu is making our pets get the shittles and propel themselves like little rockets across our yards."

What Romescu is referring to is the property of dog flu to also act as propellant similar to lighting a methane blow torch, which will send a flatulating dog rocketing up to 100 feet depending upon the size of the dog, what it had to eat and the severity of the flu.

Hounds, howlers, bird dogs and show dogs alike have all been infected with the dog flu. It has to be noted that the word 'dog flu' does not have the same origins of the other types of influenza outbreaks. Dog flu actually comes from Asia but is not related to the avian flu. Pet owners would notice their canines had the sniffles then would suddenly jettison across the yards. They would yell out, "Dog fly! Dog fly!" Of course, in the past tense this term changed to "Dog flew!" and over time and etymological changes the term became known as 'dog flu'.












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