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Why Is Metal Shiny?

Metal is shiny so that it will both attract and repel us. When we are out on a weekend spelunking adventure and happen to shine our light around the cavern and see a burst of golden light, we are attracted because we fantasize that we have found the Lost Dutchman mine, baby! We have discovered the mother lode. We can buy and sell Lotto winners and retire to a huge mansion and estate in the Caribbean. We're in the money! We're in the money!




This same shiny metal will repel us, though, if we are out at the Hilton's bar at happy hour and find ourselves flirting with a fox across the room. We are drawn into her eyes and style and come hither glances - until, that is - we see that little shiny band of metal we call gold around her ring finger.

Why is metal shiny, you ask? Well, why do you ask such silly questions? Why are you so curious, George? Why don't you mind your own business?

Metal is shiny because of the gloss molecule that attaches itself to other dense molecules which are non-rock molecules. On a molecular level, metal is shiny because photons reflect in a burst once light energy is applied to its surface. Also the magnetic field causes sparkle photon to burst like popcorn around the metallic object.

Metal is shiny because a day without shine is like - night.













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